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Ariana Joan Grande-Butera was born on June 26th, 1993. Ariana was born and raised in Florida, she is of Italian descent. She is a 18 year old Actress & Singer and is most well known from her role as 'Cat Valentine' on Nickelodeon's hit show, 'Victorious.' Ariana started her musical and acting career at a very young age and she has performed in many musical broadways such as '13.' She is a member of the organization group 'Broadway in South Africa' with her brother, where they teach music and dance to children and young people in South Africa! Ariana can also model and dance and her trademark is her red velvet hair.


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Series: Victorious
Role: Cat Valentine
Airing: Nickelodeon
Date: 2010-Current
Site: The Slap & Victorious

Series: The Winx Club
Role: Princess Disapro
Airing: Nickelodeon
Date: 2011-
Site: The Winx Club

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Ariana Talks About Performing New Songs At Upcoming Show

Victorious star and pop singer Ariana Grande just announced that she has an upcoming concert next month in California. She also mentioned that has two new songs that she will debut during the concert, which she made into a contest. Here is a detailed transcription of the details:

Remember when I said I’m debuting 2 new songs from my album at my show in California in February? Well, I want you to guess the 2 titles!…

Here’s how it goes. We’ll start with the first song! I’m going to show you how many letters & spaces in the title & let you guess..RT

And if no 1 guesses by 2morrow, then I will tell u 1 of the letters the next day, and if no one guesses by then I will add another & so on!

It’s going to be hard!..The first person 2 guess the title correctly is going 2 receive a call from urs truly & another surprise! Who’s in?

So…Here is the “title” of the 1st song! Have fun everyone & guess as many times as you’d like!_ _ _ _(space)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.RT!


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